There at the beginning of the ehealth evolution

The Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative (MAeHC) has been helping organizations buy and implement EHRs, HIEs, and data analytics solutions since 2004.  Founded as a collaborative of Massachusetts healthcare providers, payers, purchasers, and other health care stakeholders, we now serve customers across the country.  Our business experience and technical expertise ensures success for clients as diverse as large healthcare networks, health information organizations, government agencies, foundations, and physician practices large and small.

Why choose MAeHC?

Healthcare organizations choose MAeHC for our values, our customer focus, and our track record. Our values are:  Integrity, Collaboration, Friendliness, Empathy, and Practicality.  We put ourselves in your shoes.  We develop strategies to point you to the future while recognizing the reality of where you are today.  We help align diverse stakeholders around shared goals.  We work side-by-side with everyone in your organization and we try to make it fun.  We bring all of these values every day to every client and every engagement.  We’re honest about our capabilities.

Our values focus on customer service.    We know that your needs aren’t always easy to define, and that they change over time.  We customize our services to fit your needs to ensure the sustainability of every health IT project we work on.  We jump right in, work with you to figure out the right approach, and adapt over time to suit your needs.

Finally, though we are a small, non-profit firm, we have a great track record.  We were launched in 2004 by the same leadership team and many of the same employees who run the company today.  We work with large and small organizations, government agencies and private companies, health plans and hospitals and health information exchanges and EHR vendors and health centers and large practices and solo practices, and everything in-between.  

What can MAeHC do for you?

Planning, selecting, converting or implementing the right health information technology system is a strategic, time-intensive process, requiring expertise and experience that many healthcare organizations don’t have enough of. We can provide essential guidance in aligning health information solutions with our clients’ overall vision and strategy. We intimately understand the potential of health information technology and the on-the-ground reality of the capabilities in the market today. Our team comprises strategists, technical experts, and implementers who work together to help your leaders map a practical path forward.

We help clients solve the following problems:

  • Developing or sharpening business strategy and translating it into technology requirements
  • Choosing EHR, HIE, or PHM solutions to best achieve your goals
  • Understanding and aligning the needs of your various stakeholders
  • Establishing appropriate governance and practical policies and procedures
  • Aligning technology and workflows
  • Extracting, normalizing, and analyzing clinical and claims data
  • Building your business and service model for on-going support