Project Intro

In 2012 NEHEN engaged MAeHC to provide programmatic leadership of the organization under the direction of the NEHEN Board of Directors. NEHEN is a regional, non-profit, membership based health information exchange comprised of approximately 30 of the largest payer and provider organizations and a majority of the population in Massachusetts. Additionally, NEHEN supports approximately 325 smaller, allied provider and physician practice organizations, utilizing NEHEN’s web portal solution known as NEHENnet. MAeHC’s role has been to align NEHEN membership interests and needs with NEHEN’s services and technologies and to provide innovative and leading (administrative) data exchange services for its members. To meet this goal MAeHC provides: Executive Direction, Board Facilitation, Operation of the Business User’s Group, Strategic Planning and Innovation, Budgeting and Financial Management, Membership Recruiting, Management of the Technical Services, and conducting Annual Meetings. MAeHC has led NEHEN through preparation for ICD-10, remediation of significant 5010 development improvements, advancing feature and services, and most significantly the transition of the technical services vendor and technology platform. The result of MAeHC’s work to-date is greatly improved membership satisfaction with NEHEN services and software products, strategic alignment with membership needs and developments, and improved access to transactions and trading partners with reduced overall costs to membership, and administrative data exchange innovation.

At a Glance


Executive Management Services – New England Healthcare Exchange Network (2012-present)


  • Since it’s beginning,15 years ago NEHEN had been staffed entirely by CSC (Computer Sciences Corp.), including management, recruiting of members, software development, services delivery, hosting, support and program services such as the business user group and others.
  • This model of delivery had become problematic for service accountability and alignment of membership needs and interests with NEHEN. There were significant technical issues associated with the 5010 implementation of the NEHEN software which needed to be corrected and product innovation was lagging.


MAeHC has greatly improved membership satisfaction with NEHEN services, has aligned NEHEN’s services with membership needs and improved strategic alignment and future opportunities for its members.

MAeHC Services

  • MAeHC assumed overall programmatic and delivery responsibilities in Sept. 2012 with the goal of correcting the technical challenges resulting from the 5010 transition, and then aligning services and delivery with membership in a productive and efficient manner.
  • We have accomplished these goals by assuming responsibility for; Executive Direction, Board Facilitation, Budget and Financial Management, Strategic Planning and Innovation, Membership Recruiting and Enrollment, Management of the Technical Services Provider (Cognizant / TriZetto), and Membership Annual Meetings.
  • MAeHC provides an alignment of accountability between the needs of membership and the services / development provided, through the facilitation of the Program Management Office (PMO), which oversees all of the functions of NEHEN, for its members.
  • Most significantly, MAeHC has managed the selection process for replacement of the Technical Services Vendor (TSV) including operational support services, and the movement of the technology platform to a new, NEHEN solution. Included in the new TSV relationship is the development of a new NEHEN web portal, improved access to national trading partners, and a reduced overall cost for NEHEN services.