Performance Improvement

Connecting the expertise of provider and patient workflow redesign, EHR optimization, and change management techniques and with our extensive knowledge of quality programs such as MU, PQRS and PCMH and other quality incentive programs, The Massachusetts eHealth (MAeHC) has become a trusted resource and point of collaboration for a wide variety of organizations, and we are committed to leveraging the full breadth of our organization’s expertise and technology to support the Mass Health ACO’s. MAeHC offers a dynamic staffing model to provide the services needed today and as they develop over the coming years, with personnel flexibility as needed for critical path needs.

Strategic Planning:

MAeHC has extensive experience guiding organizations successfully with strategic planning at all levels - Federal, State and Locally. We tailor all our approaches to the needs of the organization and work side by side with organizations to understand the culture, vision and goals. We start with a current state assessment to understand the landscape of the organization, partners and customers.  It is important to interview key stakeholders in the organization and community partners, to align goals and objectives around population health management. MAeHC works to facilitate communication with the vendor to clearly understand how to achieve these objectives identifying any challenges and assist with determining actionable solutions.

Leadership and Change Management:

MAeHC can provide critical expertise in the areas of coaching and professional development. We have provided many of the partners within the Mass Health ACO’s and their stakeholders with healthcare provider advisory consulting services, including but not limited to strategic planning with multi-stakeholder engagements as it relates to optimization of healthcare providers’ workflow and business processes to support integration of EHR/EMR and HIE technologies in the practice. Our experience ranges from policy guidance at the Federal level, to collaborative strategic planning at the state and community levels to managing the latest interoperability standards. We support senior leaders of government and private organizations to align health information solutions with overall vision and strategy. We worked with the organizations both at a practice level and board level to deliver actionable solutions that allow them to meet their goals.

Administrative Efficiencies and Effectiveness:

Our team has been helping organizations with their healthcare IT needs from EHR implementation and workflow optimization to working with clinical, technical and operational leaders to develop strategies that optimize the EHR functionality and produce results that help meet clinical, operational, financial and federal regulatory reporting and incentive goals.

Quality Improvement:

MAeHC has developed proven approaches and tools to assist practices in transforming their culture to provide patient-centered team-based care focused on quality improvement. We work with our clients to assess their needs and create a detailed analysis, workplan and timeline that will provide a roadmap to support the transformation. Through education and assistance, the many practices that we have worked with have been successful through the transformation process and in achieving the goal of becoming a location that focuses on quality improvement and actionable goals.

Example Project:

MAeHC can help initiate or fine tune an organizations continuous quality performance and improvement plans. 

Our team can assist by reviewing your current state, federal and private payer metrics - streamlining goals and action plans for cross program metrics.  Our team also has a deep understanding of program metrics for ACOs and have a strong history of educating organizations on metric details, such as numerator and denominator inclusion criteria and exclusion and exception criteria.  We will assist you with workflow and EMR configuration to ensure capture of discrete data for reporting and use of system alerts to notify the care team of necessary action.

We can assist with creating or streamlining the distribution and review of QI data with all levels of staff, care teams and publicly with patients and the community.

Example Project:

MAeHC can assist organizations with setting up a Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC).  These counsels formally incorporate patient, family and caregiver opinions in the review and optimization of operations, governance and/or quality improvement activities of the organization. 

Our team can assist with the creation of a charter, by-laws, recruitment of members and written guidelines to direct the PFAC and align with organization goals and structure.