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Our software provides you with access to a web portal specific to your organization, which allows you to view and download your current measure results for performance monitoring, and to review clinical data and measure decision logic for measure populations. 

The MAeHC technical team works hand in hand with each organization during implementation to assist with formatting data for transmission, providing feedback on format, and working with technical resources on the customer side to ensure transmission formatting is correct for data consumption against MAeHC format specifications. MAeHC will also work with EHR vendors, and technical teams to assist with remediating any data transmission issues to ensure customers have a robust data set for measure calculation, and submission.

As part of our standard quality program subscription services, our Quality Improvement Specialist Team will analyze your transmitted data and provide feedback and recommendations based on their analysis. This analysis identifies data anomalies, data mapping opportunities to maximize the data transmitted to us, and possible documentation workflow gaps.

Our QI Specialists are also available for consulting services to work with organizations to assist with improving measure performance for both ambulatory care and inpatient clinical measures. MAeHC QI Specialists are subject matter experts in clinical quality metrics, workflow and EHR configuration remediation geared to improve measure performance. Services offered for these additional services include workflow analysis, EHR system analysis, workflow and system configuration recommendations, and implementation assistance to remediate identified gaps. To learn more about this add-on service, click here.


The MAeHC QDC supports a variety of quality reporting needs

  • CMS ACO and MIPS GPRO Web Interface reporting
  • Hospital Inpatient Quality Reporting Program
  • Joint Commission ORYX reporting
  • Alternative quality contract programs
  • Custom measures

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pdfpdfpdfpdfpdfpdf Hospital Reporting Measures

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Ambulatory & Inpatient Measures

We support over 160 industry-standard measure definitions and unlimited custom measure development to meet the specific needs of our customers. Click below to download the list of measures we currently support for ambulatory and inpatient.

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CMS ACO and MIPS GPRO Web-Interface Reporting

The MAeHC QDC supports reporting for GPRO clinical quality measures via the CMS Web-Interface necessary to meet CMS ACO reporting or MIPS GPRO reporting. The QDC houses a robust measure dashboard that allows organizations to track and analyze their measure results throughout the reporting year. This functionality allows organizations to monitor their current performance against CMS benchmarks for reporting, identify areas of documentation remediation needs to improve performance and provide continuous feedback to their constituents for quality improvement initiatives across their ACO or GPRO.

Data Entry Portal

The MAeHC QDC possesses a user-data entry portal that mimics the CMS Web-Interface, allowing organizations to augment their electronic clinical data that has been transmitted to the QDC to fill in gaps and increase measure performance.

This add-on service provides ACOs and GPROs with continuous insight into their measure performance, as well as percentage completed towards meeting minimum reporting requirements. Each measure is designed to capture information in an easy-to-understand format which has the data entry rules built in to ensure data entry meets the requirements for each measure specification. Measure guidance material is available for each measure for users to reference as they are entering patient information. This service also includes help desk support and user training.


MAeHC performs data extraction, uploads in the CMS-required format directly to the Web-Interface on a weekly basis, and performs quality assurance checks to ensure the accuracy of the uploads

  • Performance monitoring - measure results are updated on a nightly basis during the CMS reporting period to allow organizations to track performance daily
  • Project management insight - Productivity dashboards allow your organization to view progress towards completion, counts of pass, failed, exclusions and exceptions for each measure at the ACO/GPRO level, organization level, and practice site levels
  • Automatic reporting - The QDC aggregates all the data available and seamlessly uploads measure data to CMS on your behalf
  • Quality assurance - Measure results and CMS uploads are reviewed and analyzed by our Quality Improvement Specialists to ensure accuracy

Quality Reporting

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Individual and Group MIPS Reporting

The QDC is currently 2014 CEHRT approved to submit eCQM's on behalf of our clients for Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) reporting. Our measure library currently possesses certified eCQM's applicable to multiple specialty types including Internal Medicine, Family Practice and Cardiology to help them meet the quality reporting category for MIPS with measures that are applicable to their practice.


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Hospital Inpatient Quality Reporting Program and Joint Commission ORYX Reporting

The MAeHC QDC supports the reporting of eCQMs for the CMS Inpatient Quality Reporting (IQR) and Joint Commission ORYX Reporting Programs. Reporting subscriptions for both programs include the following:

  • Access to a client-specific portal to view, download and review measure results
  • Measure submission to CMS and/or Joint Commission in the required format(s)
  • Technical Support:
    — Interface development
    — Data formatting
    — Data transmission reports
  • Quality Improvement Specialist Support:
    — Data analysis
    — Review of data analysis results
    — Data mapping
    — Measure selection
    — Quality review of measure results

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