Types of Costs or Fees to be paid by a provider for the capability

Annual licensing and subscription fee included in base service agreement.

Additional Types of Costs or Fees

Additional types of costs or fees that a user may be required to pay to purchase, license, implement, maintain, upgrade, use, or otherwise enable and support the use of:

The capability: The cost of connecting your organization to the QDC  is based on on the number of providers, locations, and EHR’s your organization wishes to connect for reporting.

A one-time fee that covers the cost of the  customer instance in our data warehouse, set up and provisioning of the customer-specific portal to access quality reports and results, EHR vendor interface setup and connection, and data validation and testing.

Any data generated in the course of using the capability: Annual fees include subscription for hosting, data management, validation, normalization, analytics and reporting of the full library of eCQM’s MAeHC is currently certified for, EHR interface monitoring, as well as access to quality metrics reports via our secure portal or customer-specific datamarts.

If an organization wishes to report for measures that the  QDC is  not currently certified for, the organization would incur additional costs related to measure development and certification fees.

Limitations (Contractual / Business Practices)

Limitations of a contractual nature (including developer policies and other business practices) that a user may encounter:

In the implementation or use of the capability:  The MAeHC QDC consumes clinical data typically through the receipt of standardized, EHR- generated CCD-A documents.  Should the organization’s CCD-A  not meet the standardized format, or not include necessary elements for quality reporting, it may require the organization to work directly with their EHR vendor to complete any necessary configuration changes in order to meet the measure specification requirements.

Data electronically received by the MAeHC QDC is required  to be transmitted through a secure format.  Organizations that do not have the ability to transmit this data securely will be required to establish secure transmission methods.

In connection with the data generated in the course of using the capability: Organizations that wish to add additional providers, locations and/or EHR vendors after the initial connection will be required to contact the MAeHC QDC Support Team to notify them of their requests in order to process measure results for the additional providers.

Limitations (Technical / Practical)

Limitations of a technical, technological or practical nature that a user may encounter that could:

Prevent or impair the successful implementation, configuration, customization, maintenance, support, or use of the capability: CCD-A’s received from organizations, that do not contain specific data elements, as identified in the eCQM specifications for calculation may not be able to report on measures containing those elements if the CCD-A formatting or coding cannot be changed by their organization or EHR vendor.

Prevent or limit the use, exchange, or portability of any data generated in the course of using the capability: All messages received containing clinical data by the QDC will be required to follow industry standard transport methods that follow current HIPPA security rules and requirements.